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By Katherine Webster
December 30, 2020

J. William Enterprises FTC Refunds

A second round of FTC refunds is being mailed to people who paid J. William Enterprises, Pro Timeshare Resales LLC and other defendants upfront fees in order to resell unwanted timeshare properties.

The FTC said the defendants called timeshare owners and claimed to have someone ready to buy or rent the unwanted property, making promises of a quick sale and then failing to deliver.

An initial round of FTC refunds in this case was sent out in October 2019, but because money is still in the settlement fund, an additional 5,126 checks are being issued to those who cashed the first check.

The total amount being disbursed in this second round of FTC refunds is more than $460,000.

More than 8,088 checks totaling nearly $2.7 million were mailed in the first round of J. William Enterprises refunds.

Consumers who receive a check are asked to cash it within 60 days.

Questions regarding the J. William Enterprises refunds may be directed to refund administrator JND Legal Administration at 1-844-546-3045.

AuraVie Refunds

A second round of FTC refunds checks also is being sent out to consumers who signed up for trial offers of skincare products but were instead “enrolled in negative options plans.”

According to the FTC, the defendants’ advertising of the “risk-free” Auravie, Dellure, LéOR Skincare and Miracle Face Kit product trials was deceptive.

The defendants convinced consumers to provide credit card information, ostensibly to pay for shipping fees, but then used the information to charge recurring monthly fees for products the customers didn’t order, the FTC said.

A first round of checks was mailed in November 2019, but money remains in the fund, so an additional 49,793 refund checks totaling more than $612,000 are being issued.

The first round of refund checks in this case went to more than 79,000 consumers and totaled more than $1.8 million.

The FTC asks those who receive a check to cash it within 60 days.

Anyone with questions about the AuraVie FTC refunds is asked to call refund administrator Rust Consulting at 1-866-801-0473.

Synovia Refund Checks

More than 13,000 consumers who purchased the supplement Synovia will be receiving FTC refund checks.

A.S. Research LLC advertised and sold Synovia as an arthritis and joint pain treatment, according to the FTC.

The FTC’s complaint said A.S. Research’s claims regarding Synovia’s health benefits were misleading and the company used fake testimonials to promote the product.

In addition, A.S. Research allegedly told consumers a better version of the supplement cost more, even though everyone who purchased Synovia received an identical product.

The total amount being returned to the 13,221 consumers is $774,755.

Anyone receiving a Synovia is asked to cash the check within 60 days.

Consumers who have questions about this FTC refund should contact JND Legal Administration, the refund administrator, at 1-833-707-1185.