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Injured and wondering if you qualify for SSDI?

If you have a severe condition which will or has lasted for 12 months, obtaining SSDI is a five step process. One must show all of the following:

  • You are not engaging in “substantial gainful activity”
  • You have a “severe” impairment
  • The impairment's effects must equal or exceed one of the impairments recognized by the Social Security Administration Listing of Impairments
  • Considering what the claimant can still do with the impairment, the claimant cannot do “past relevant work”, the jobs the claimant has had over the past few years
  • Considering what the claimant can still do with the impairment, the claimant is not able to do jobs that exist in the “national economy in significant numbers”

Still confused if you qualify?

At Prato & Reichman we know first-hand how technical and overwhelming the Social Security Administration's SSDI application process can be. If you have a disabling condition that has or will last for 12 months or more, contact us. Our licensed attorneys will walk you through the application process in plain English and provide an honest assessment of your claim.

The consultation is free and if we don't win, you don't pay.

How do I get my claim started?

Step # 1 is contacting Prato & Reichman.

The attorneys of Prato & Reichman are on your side from day one. That's why--before we take any case--we first review and discuss the details with you in person or on the phone.

Our attorneys will clearly and honestly communicate the strengths and weakness of your case up front. We do this to set your expectations and our case planning on solid footing.

We are waiting to work for you so contact us now.

Even with help, the majority of claims are initially denied by the Social Security Administration

If this happens to your claim, Prato & Reichman will be there to move the SSDI process into appeal. The good news is that most people who appeal go on to win. Prato & Reichman will handle your case through the entire SSDI process – from start to finish – at no cost to you until we win.